Saatnya Menggenjot Ekspor

Genap sudah lima tahun nilai ekspor Indonesia mengalami penurunan terus menerus.


Tren penurunan terjadi pada semua kelompok barang. Yang cukup tajam dialami kelompok tambang & lainnya.


Namun, produk pertanian pun mengalami kemerosotan tajam.


Memang perdagangan dunia melemah, tetapi tetap tumbuh. Cukup banyak negara tetangga yang tidak sampai mengalami penurunan ekspor, walaupun pertumbuhannya turun.

About faisal basri

Faisal Basri is currently senior lecturer at the Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia and Chief of Advisory Board of Indonesia Research & Strategic Analysis (IRSA). His area of expertise and discipline covers Economics, Political Economy, and Economic Development. His prior engagement includes Economic Adviser to the President of Republic of Indonesia on economic affairs (2000); Head of the Department of Economics and Development Studies, Faculty of Economics at the University of Indonesia (1995-98); and Director of Institute for Economic and Social Research at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Indonesia (1993-1995), the Commissioner of the Supervisory Commission for Business Competition (2000-2006); Rector, Perbanas Business School (1999-2003). He was the founder of the National Mandate Party where he was served in the Party as the first Secretary General and then the Deputy Chairman responsible for research and development. He quit the Party in January 2001. He has actively been involved in several NGOs, among others is The Indonesian Movement. Faisal Basri was educated at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Indonesia where he received his BA in 1985 and graduated with an MA in economics from Vanderbilt University, USA, in 1988.
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